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Re-United, Inc
Educate a Family, Educate the Future
Norfolk Street
Boston, MA 02124

Email: info@reunitedinc.org


Programs & Services

How it works and whom it serves:

Childcare Program– provides a school readiness, structured and enriched curriculum for children. Embedded in the curriculum are the social emotional skills needed to build positive self-image.

RIDE Program-The RIDE program provides transportation for children to and from the designated location in order to visit with their parents or for supervised visits with the Child Welfare and Criminal Justice system.

Parent Advocacy/Coaching-provides visit coaching which helps non-custodial parents become empowered, create empathy, communicate better, be responsive to child’s needs, and become an active parent.

With an emphasis on parental responsiveness and engagement, a monthly forum to educate parents/guardians will be facilitated. Re-United’s operating hours accommodates the working class community it serves. Re-United’s program places an emphasis on the topics of education, access to hands-on guidance, culturally competent services, and a strength-based engagement model for children and parents to succeed. Re-United understands that educating children without educating parents and caretakers is doing half the job. Re-United will take the ecological perspective to deliver its services. During the child’s tenure at Re-United, an assessment of the child by staff will be provided to parents/guardians to create goals based on the family’s own personal, cultural, and institutional factors impacting them.

About Us

Re-United, Inc is a center-based childcare facility in its start-up phase aimed at providing quality child-care to children in the Dorchester, Roxbury, Hyde Park, and Mattapan neighborhoods of Boston, MA.

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